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  • 23 Oct

    What are the steps to configure a mail alert

    Q: What is the steps to configure a mail alert ?

    A: First select the Rule you want to configure.

    Next, Select ‘Moving Rule’ Menu> ‘Rule Events’ item:


    limagito file mover rule events













    Important, each enabled event will use its own setup. So you’ll have to do the setup for each enabled event. In this example we enabled and added a setup for the ‘On Error’ event only.

    limagito file mover configure a mail event

    limagito file mover rule events email setup

    Maybe it is a good idea to enable ‘Success event memory’ and ‘Error event Memory’. This way the events will only be triggered when the status changes between Success  <> Error and not with every Success and Error event.


    limagito file mover rule events advanced options

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    If you need any help with this ‘configure a mail alert’ request, please let us know.

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