• 27 Jan

    LimagitoX File Mover goes mad(Except)

    Dear Users,

    Regarding version 2018.1.27.0

    We don’t write bugs .. I mean not on purpose. We’ve decided to add an exception handler from an external company called madExcept (madshi.net). This will help us locating bugs if they do occur. In case of an unhandled exception, our application or service wil log this in a ‘.mbr’ file ([m]adExcept [b]ug [r]eport). These mbr files will be written to the log subdirectory of our file mover settings directory.

    Possible files, we hope you won’t find any 🙂

    – LimagitoXA.mbr (Application)
    – LimagitoXC.mbr (Config Tool)
    – LimagitoXR.mbr (Remote Tool)
    – LimagitoXS.mbr (Service)
    – LimagitoXW.mbr (Web Remote Tool)

    Would be really helpful if you could send them to us.

    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team Logging ,