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  • 25 Feb

    How to move empty subdirectories

    How to move empty subdirectories ( Windows folders only )

    Q: We are looking to create a File Mover rule that scans the source folder for subdirectories that are empty and move them to another destination. Would you be able to assist me in how to best approach this?

    A: This should be possible with a Windows Folder/share as Source and Destination. Remember, this is only needed when no files are being handled, otherwise this can be done using the default options within our file mover tool.

    You’ll only need to add a Source, no need to add a Destination. All is handled within the ‘Pascal Script’ as Source.

    limagito file mover pascal script as source

    • Please add the following script: link
    • Do not forget to adjust the ctSource and ctDestination Path (must end with a \ )
    • The script will scan the ctSource path for subfolders. For each subfolder found, it will check if any file exists. If not, then it will try to create this subfolder in the ctDestinationPath. If this succeeds then the Source subfolder will be removed.

    limagito file mover move empty subdirectories

    If you need any help with this request, please let us know.

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