• 04 Jun

    SSH Error Codes

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    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_IDENTIFICATION_STRING1 (0x0001)Invalid identification string of SSH-protocol
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_VERSION2 (0x0002)Invalid or unsupported version
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_MESSAGE_CODE3 (0x0003)Unsupported message code
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_CRC4 (0x0004)Message CRC is invalid
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_PACKET_TYPE5 (0x0005)Invalid (unknown) packet type
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_PACKET6 (0x0006)Packet composed incorrectly
    ERROR_SSH_UNSUPPORTED_CIPHER7 (0x0007)There is no cipher supported by both: client and server
    ERROR_SSH_UNSUPPORTED_AUTH_TYPE8 (0x0008)Authentication type is unsupported
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_RSA_CHALLENGE9 (0x0009)The wrong signature during public key-authentication
    ERROR_SSH_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED10 (0x000A)Authentication failed. There could be wrong password or something else
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_PACKET_SIZE11 (0x000B)The packet is too large
    ERROR_SSH_HOST_NOT_ALLOWED_TO_CONNECT101 (0x0065)Connection was rejected by remote host
    ERROR_SSH_PROTOCOL_ERROR102 (0x0066)Another protocol error
    ERROR_SSH_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILED103 (0x0067)Key exchange failed
    ERROR_SSH_INVALID_MAC105 (0x0069)Received packet has invalid MAC
    ERROR_SSH_COMPRESSION_ERROR106 (0x006A)Compression or decompression error
    ERROR_SSH_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE107 (0x006B)Service (sftp, shell, etc.) is not available
    ERROR_SSH_PROTOCOL_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED108 (0x006C)Version is not supported
    ERROR_SSH_HOST_KEY_NOT_VERIFIABLE109 (0x006D)Server key can not be verified
    ERROR_SSH_CONNECTION_LOST110 (0x006E)Connection was lost by some reason
    ERROR_SSH_APPLICATION_CLOSED111 (0x006F)User on the other side of connection closed application that led to disconnection
    ERROR_SSH_TOO_MANY_CONNECTIONS112 (0x0070)The server is overladen
    ERROR_SSH_AUTH_CANCELLED_BY_USER113 (0x0071)User tired of invalid password entering
    ERROR_SSH_NO_MORE_AUTH_METHODS_AVAILABLE114 (0x0072)There are no more methods for user authentication
    ERROR_SSH_ILLEGAL_USERNAME115 (0x0073)There is no user with specified username on the server
    ERROR_SSH_INTERNAL_ERROR200 (0x00C8)Internal error of implementation
    ERROR_SSH_NOT_CONNECTED222 (0x00DE)There is no connection but user tries to send data
    ERROR_SSH_CONNECTION_CANCELLED_BY_USER501 (0x01F5)The connection was cancelled by user
    ERROR_SSH_FORWARD_DISALLOWED502 (0x01F6)SSH forward disallowed
    ERROR_SSH_ONKEYVALIDATE_NOT_ASSIGNED503 (0x01F7)The event handler for OnKeyValidate event, has not been specified by the application
    ERROR_SSH_TCP_CONNECTION_FAILED24577 (0x6001)TCP connection failed. This error code defined in SBSSHForwarding unit.
    ERROR_SSH_TCP_BIND_FAILED24578 (0x6002)TCP bind failed. This error code defined in SBSSHForwarding unit.
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  • 04 Jun

    Socket error codes

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    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_WINSOCK_INIT_FAILED96257 (0x17801)Winsock initialization failed
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_WRONG_SOCKET_STATE96258 (0x17802)Wrong socket state
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_NOT_A_SOCKET96259 (0x17803)Not a socket (socket initialization failed)
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS96260 (0x17804)Invalid address
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_ACCEPT_FAILED96261 (0x17805)Accept failed
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_ADDRESS_FAMILY_MISMATCH96262 (0x17806)Socket handle is IPv6 and could not be used with IPv4 address
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_INVALID_SOCKET_TYPE96263 (0x17807)Invalid socket type
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_SOCKS_NEGOTIATION_FAILED96264 (0x17808)SOCKS negotiation failed
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_SOCKS_AUTH_FAILED96265 (0x17809)SOCKS authentication failed
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_SOCKS_FAILED_TO_RESOLVE_DESTINATION_ADDRESS96266 (0x1780A)SOCKS failed to resolve destination address
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_DNS_SECURITY_FAILURE96267 (0x1780B)DNS security failure
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_DNS_TIMEOUT96268 (0x1780C)DNS timeout exceeded
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_WEBTUNNEL_NEGOTIATION_FAILED96269 (0x1780D)Web tunnel negotiation failed
    SB_SOCKET_ERROR_TIMEOUT96270 (0x1780E)Timeout occured while trying to use the socket connection
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  • 09 Dec

    SFTP Error code is 96258

    Dear Users,

    Regarding the SFTP-Error: “Connect Exception Error Wrong socket state 4 in AsyncConnect (error code is 96258)”

    The feedback from we got from our SFTP Source code provider is the following:

    1) Restrict your SFTP security options and try again

    2) Enable Suppress Additional Operations (due to some buggy SFTP servers) and try again

    More information:

    SFTP connection to the server is not established. WTF?

    Limagito Team

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