• 09 Dec

    SFTP Error code is 96258

    Dear Users,

    Regarding the SFTP-Error: “Connect Exception Error Wrong socket state 4 in AsyncConnect (error code is 96258)”

    The feedback from we got from our SFTP Source code provider is the following:

    1) Restrict your SFTP security options and try again

    2) Enable Suppress Additional Operations (due to some buggy SFTP servers) and try again

    More information:

    SFTP connection to the server is not established. WTF?

    Limagito Team

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  • 22 Aug

    File System Adapter Error Codes

    The File System Adapter performs actual file-related operations.

    Possible return values:

     Definition                      Value              Description
     ERROR_FACILITY_VFS              102400 (0x19000)   Base error code for VFS errors
     ERROR_VFS_ERROR_FLAG            1024 (0x0400)      VFS error flag
     ERROR_VFS_CUSTOM_ERROR_FLAG     2048 (0x0800)      VFS custom error flag
     SB_VFS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND     103426 (0x19402)   File not found
     SB_VFS_ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND     103427 (0x19403)   Path not found
     SB_VFS_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED      103429 (0x19405)   Access denied
     SB_VFS_ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT      103443 (0x19413)   The file is write-protected
     SB_VFS_ERROR_ERROR_CRC          103447 (0x19417)   CRC error
     SB_VFS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED      103474 (0x19432)   Operation not supported
     SB_VFS_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER  103511 (0x19457)   Invalid parameter encountered when accessing directory entries
     SB_VFS_ERROR_NO_MEDIA           104536 (0x19858)   Storage media is not accessible
     SB_VFS_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR        104448 (0x19800)   Any unspecified error
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  • 12 Apr

    Important BugFixes, please update (v10.4.12.0)

    We found a major bug in LimagitoX. Please update your version to v10.4.12.0.

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