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  • 26 Oct

    Roadmap Limagito File Mover

    Dear users,

    With this roadmap we would like to inform you what our goal is in the next couple of years with Limagito File Mover.

    • LimagitoX2 (v12)
      • Primary goal = Remote Control for Application and Service
      • Beta phase Q2 2017
      • Release candidate Q3 2017
      • Stable release Q4 2017
    • LimagitoXI (v11)
      • Beta phase started in Oktober 2014
      • Release candidate in January 2015
      • Stable release March 2015
      • Support until end of 2017 (at least)
    • LimagitoX (v10)
      • Active development until end of 2014
      • Bugfixes and minor options in 2015
      • Support until end of 2016
    • Limagito (v9 and previous)
      • Support until end of 2014

    Again this is our goal at the moment (Q4 2014) and can be changed. Primary goal for X2 changed Q4 2016.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

  • 30 Sep

    Single User License Hostname

    Dear customers,

    The Limagito file mover Single User License grants you the right to install and use Limagito file mover on a single machine. A Single User License key is generated for a specific hostname. This hostname is NOT transferable. This means that it’s not possible to change the hostname later (no discussion). A discount for a Site License upgrade is possible.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


  • 21 Sep

    Limagito File Mover v9 support will end in 2014

    Dear Users,

    We’ll no longer support Limagito v9 in 2015. Our next generation File Mover called LimagitoX in it’s current status is a very good replacement for v9. Stability has even reached a higher level as v9. In the meanwhile we are working hard on our next version called LimagitoXI. LimagitoXI is based on LimagitoX and uses the same settings so it’s much easier to upgrade in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


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