• 03 Sep

    User Accounts option, part 2

    We’ve added the possibility to select the ‘Allowed Rules’ for each created user. The ‘administrator’ user is fixed and has full access to all rules. The ‘administrator’ is the only user who is allowed to access the ‘Accounts’ setup.

    A second tab allows you to control the options that are allowed for each user. The ‘administrator’ user has full access to all options.

    We’ll keep adding more selection options so you can fully control user access to our file mover.


    Limagito Team

  • 20 Aug

    User Accounts option

    We’ve started adding a new option called ‘User accounts’. The basic part is ready, meaning the possibility to add/del user & password.

    When enabled you will need to add a valid username & password to logon.

    Next we want to add the possibility to select which rules will be shown to a user.


    Limagito Team