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    Q&A 2: Is it possible to rename a file that has a date in the filename to also include the day of the week?

    Q: Is it possible in LimagitoX File Mover to rename a file that has a date in the filename to also include the day of the week?
    Here is an example of what I would like to rename.
    Original Filename: XYZ001D_04_21_20_ABCD.pdf
    (04_21_20 = April 21, 2020)
    Rename To:  Tues_XYZ001D_04_21_20_ABCD.pdf

    A: Yes this is possible using Pascal Script. Some screenshots to get you started.
    Add The Following ‘On Destination’ Pascal Script:

    // Original Filename: XYZ001D_04_21_20_ABCD.pdf
    // (04_21_20 = April 21, 2020)
    // Rename To:  Tues_XYZ001D_04_21_20_ABCD.pdf
      tmpDate: TDateTime;
      tmpDateStr: String;
      tmpPos: Integer;
      tmpLen: Integer;
      tmpDay: Integer;
      ctDateLen = 8;  
      psExitCode := 0;
      // ... add your code here
      tmpPos := pos('_', psFileName);
      tmpLen := Length(psFileName);
      // Check
      If (tmpPos = 0) And (tmpLen = tmpPos + ctDateLen) Then
          tmpDateStr := Copy(psFileName, tmpPos+1, ctDateLen);
          psLogWrite(1, '', 'Date stripped as String: ' + tmpDateStr);
          tmpDate := psStrToDate(tmpDateStr, 'mm_dd_yy', '_');      
          tmpDay := DayOfTheWeek(tmpDate);
          psLogWrite(1, '', 'Day Of The Week: ' + IntToStr(tmpDay));
          Case tmpDay Of
          1: psVSA := 'Mond_'; // Monday
          2: psVSA := 'Tues_'; // Tuesday
          3: psVSA := 'Wedn_'; // Wednesday
          4: psVSA := 'Thur_'; // Thursday
          5: psVSA := 'Frid_'; // Friday
          6: psVSA := 'Satu_'; // Saturday
          7: psVSA := 'Sund_'; // Sunday
          // Set ExitCode
          psExitCode := 1;
          psLogWrite(1, '', 'Exception Error when searching for Date in filename: ' + psFilePath + psFileName);     
        psLogWrite(1, '', 'Not a valid filename: ' + psFilePath + psFileName);  

    In your Destination Setup select the ‘Rename’ Tab. Enable ‘Rename Files during Copy/Move and click the button next to this option.

    File Rename Setup:
    RegEx:                (.*)
    Replacement:    %VSA\1

    The goal of this renaming is to add the %VSA var in front of the filename. The %VSA var was previously set in the Pascal Script.
    The \1 corresponds with the RegEx (.*) which is in this case the complete filename.

    If you need help, please let us know. Don’t hesitate to ask.

    Limagito Team

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    Q&A 1: explain the difference between orange, blue and grey button

    Q: I have many rules in the mover and have a pretty good handle on what it is they are doing.  However, there are rules that I have copied so that I can make changes without affecting the originals.  The rules are now displayed with grey buttons on them.  Please explain the difference between an orange, a blue and a grey button for each rule.  Beyond that I would like to know the significance of the double arrow vs. single arrow on the same buttons.

    A: https://limagito.com/icon-legend/

    FYI:  On our website blog I’ve searched for icon
    If you need any help , please let us know.
    Limagito Team
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    How-To use LIST as Destination in LimagitoX File Mover

    On request we’ve added LIST as Destination in v2020.4.25. The goal was to create a text (.csv) file which contains the file data found in a Windows Source. Be careful with this option (don’t hesitate to ask information).


    • WIN as Source
    • Function is set to Copy

    1. Add a LIST as Destination


    2. LIST as Destination Setup Tab. Here you need set the filename and path of the text file that will be created by the LIST Destination. There is also an option where you can set the Encoding of this text file (default = empty).


    Header, Body and Footer Setup in the Contant Tab. The Body will be used for each file found in the Source.


    Result in the RunTime Log Window:


    Content of the Destination File:

    If you need any help, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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