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April 29, 2020

Q&A List of Questions and Anwers of LimagitoX File Mover

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        1. Explain the difference between an orange, a blue and a grey button for each rule
        2. Is it possible to rename a file that has a date in the filename to also include the day of the week?
        3. Is there a way to retry to only the failed destination when using multiple destinations?
        4. Is there audit trail on the rules?
        5. I was wondering if it would be possible to monitor and send alert when file mover failed?
        6. I want to use user accounts in LimagitoX File Mover
        7. Can we test a rule before it actually runs in limagitox file mover?
        8. Delete old files without deleting folders
        9. Copy file into Azure storage container folder
        10. Can we create a rule which will remove empty directories once a week, not every scan?
        11. Can we remove info from the RunTime log
        12. It would be nice if when we create a rule it is defaulted to “Disabled Timers”
        13. Is it possible to retry a file delete if it fails
        14. It looks like LimagitoX might not be sending emails
        15. Can I exclude file and directory shortcut links
        16. Can I rename files when moving to Windows Folder
        17. Is it possible that move files and create a folder by partial files name
        18. Is there a way to change the destination based on day of week
        19. Backup 2 Files but Only Copy 1 to Destination
        20. I’d love the option to go the other way, csv to xls
        21. Generate a status file for each file which was successfully moved
        22. Can I use filenames longer than 256 characters
        23. Is it difficult to update my version (v2017 and up)
        24. Is it difficult to upgrade my older version (v10 or v11)
        25. Is it possible to upgrade my ancient version (v6 .. v9)
        26. I want an email to show the filename and timestamp of when it was transferred
        27. I want to check the length of a filename
        28. We need to use the PGP encryption option that I understand that the software is capable of
        29. Is it possible to split out Page 1&2 of a PDF
        30. I only want to email the latest run time log
        31. Alternative download links available?
        32. How to solve error during sftp file upload
        33. Can we create a job to monitor disabled rules
        34. Why do rules pulling files (FTP, SFTP) change the modify date
        35. What are the Date & Time parameters that we can use?
        36. SFTP connection to the server is not established. WTF?
        37. Using a drive letter when using LimagitoX as a service
        38. I would like to log the create date of the file being moved
        39. Is it possible to setup a wildcard config for source directories?
        40. Is it possible to create a file timestamp monitor job


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Limagito Team

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